All Australian Standard bitumen grades of Class 170, Class 240, Class 320, Class 450, Class 600, Multigrade 500 and Multigrade 1000 (SAMIfalt Multigrade plus) are available from SAMI Bitumen Technologies. Classes of bitumen under the Australian Standard are determined by Viscosity measured at 60°C Pa.s. Other blends using a combination of standard grade bitumens are also available on request.

Bitumen is available in bulk tankers, 200 litre drums, or packaged in 20kg meltable plastic bags in cartons.

SAMI also manufactures and supplies the EME (Enrobés à Module Elevé) grade bitumen, SAMIfalt EME, for high modulus asphalt application.

All bitumen supplied by SAMI Bitumen Technologies conforms to the Australian Standard AS 2008.


Material Safety Data Sheet

A Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request. Click the link below and email a request to us.

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Product Data Sheet

Product: SAMI Paving Grade Bitumen

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