SAMI Bitumen Technologies was formed in 1978 to meet a market need for new bitumen technology. SAMI is the leading business in Australia supplying the full range of bituminous products to the Australian roads industry. Our products constitute the critical raw material required in the construction of highways, bridges, runways, raceways, container terminals and local roads.

Our comprehensive product range is a “one-stop shop” for our customers to obtain all bituminous products required for the construction of all types of road surfacing. Our product range encompasses a wide variety of bitumen grades, including PMB (Polymer Modified Bitumen), CRMB (Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen), specialised binders, bitumen emulsions, cutback bitumen, crack sealant mastics, and cold-mix asphalts. Leveraging our technical expertise, we continuously pioneer innovative solutions to meet the diverse demands of our customers. Our bitumen and asphalt laboratory is a leading facility in our region, renowned for its advanced capabilities.

SAMI Bitumen Technologies is one of the biggest suppliers of bulk bitumen in Australia operating in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne and has a storage capacity exceeding 50,000 tonnes nationally for its bulk products. SAMI supplies all bitumen grades as specified in the Australian Standard from their bulk bitumen facilities.

As an independent operator, SAMI enjoys global support and guaranteed bitumen supply from its French parent Colas SA, a publicly listed company that operates internationally through businesses primarily focused on specialty bitumen activities.

The Colas Group is a highly regarded global bitumen technology organisation, with an emphasis on bitumen supply and associated technologies. An important element of this strategy has been the investment by a Colas subsidiary in the construction and operation of a new bitumen refinery located in Malaysia, capable of producing more than1 million tons of bitumen per year. Additionally, Colas subsidiaries own and operate a fleet of several bulk hot bitumen shipping vessels in the region.

Our Core Principles

Even amidst evolving landscapes, SAMI Bitumen Technologies values remain our unwavering beacon. They deeply resonate with our ethos of 'strengthening infrastructures' globally.


CARING is a fundamental value of our corporate culture. Whether it is self-care, care for employees, care for our customers and partners or care for the environment and community, we are driven by the same duty of care.


SHARING talents and resources in all their diversity builds teamwork and provides a source of new ideas. SHARING is creating optimal conditions for working as a team by promoting trust, responsibility and solidarity


DARING is at the core of innovation, a pioneering mindset founded our corporate culture. DARING to move forward, to explore new horizons, to reinvent ourselves.

Paving the Way with Our Customers in Focus

Being at the forefront of bitumen product manufacturing and supply, we acknowledge our crucial part in steering the journey towards a more sustainable, low-carbon tomorrow.

At SAMI Bitumen Technologies, the needs and aspirations of our customers are central to our actions. Our mission to 'strengthen infrastructures' is fueled by a commitment to sustainable growth and profitability. This customer-centric vision stands on three foundational pillars.