About SAMI Bitumen Technologies

Partnering with road paving businesses. Adding value through focus,expertise and innovation.

SAMI Bitumen Technologies is a company focused on innovative road surfacing products and technology. SAMI Bitumen Technologies has import facilities and manufacturing facilities in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria and also has a well equipped NATA accredited laboratory in Sydney capable of an extensive range of bitumen, polymer modified binder, bitumen emulsion and asphalt testing and development.

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At SAMI Bitumen Technologies, we offer a range of services to meet the diverse needs of our customers.Whether you need logistics support, technical advisory, or testing services.

Our logistics services ensure that your bitumen is delivered on time, every time, no matter where you are in Australia.

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Our team of experts provides technical advice to help you make informed decisions about your bitumen needs.

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Our advanced NATA certified laboratories allow us to provide accurate and reliable testing services to ensure quality and performance.

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Our Products

We manufacture a vast range of bitumen products including a full range of standard grade throughto high performance specialised polymer modified products for all road maintenance and construction projects.


SAMI Bitumen Technologies specialises in supplying the most suitable product and the technicalsupport for the following bituminous applications:

The preferred road surface in urban areas (local residential) to major arterials and motorways

A relatively low cost method of pavement surfacing, extensively used in rural areas

Hot applied SBS modified bitumen joint and crack sealer for concrete or asphalt pavements

Applied to the surface of a road or pavement to seal and waterproof it, enhancing durability and friction

Used to increase the binder in aged sprayed seals to prevent moisture ingress and aggregate loss

Application of special bitumen emulsion and aggregate mixture to extend the life and improve the surface quality of roads

Creates a stable and durable foundation layer for road or pavement construction

Proprietary emulsions formulated to increase adhesion between layers of pavements

Primers improve the bond between the pavement layers and cover the surface by penetrating the beneath layer

Cost effective precoating fluid suitable for use on all types of spray sealing aggregates

For instant repair of potholes and depressions in asphalt and concrete for motorways, airfields, roads, carparks, and all trafficable areas

Supply of a range of dust control products to reduce the generation of dust on working sites

Our Commitment to Sustainability

With a focus on quality and performance, our products
and services are designed to meet the unique
requirements of our customers.

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Bitumen Solution Finder

Your guide to finding the perfect bitumen solution for your project.

Whether you’re involved in road construction, pavement maintenance, or any other bitumen-related application, our comprehensive solution finder is here to assist you.

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