SAMIfalt I-Brid

The new generation hybrid–modified bitumen

SAMIfalt I-Brid is a universal asphalt binder providing ultra-high-performance in extreme ambient and traffic conditions

Features and benefits

  • Enhanced bitumen compatibility
  • Great workability and compactability during the paving/ compaction stages
  • Self-crosslinking abilities
  • Improved performance compared to commercially available products
  • Comparable cost to commercially available products
  • Greater resistance to fuel
  • Improved sensitivity to moisture damage
  • Designed for airport pavements and very heavily trafficked roads

SAMIfalt I-Brid is a new generation hybrid polymer-modified bitumen, jointly developed with RMIT University, for the tough Australian conditions using innovative polymers with exceptional resistance to permanent deformation and cracking. It is a versatile binder suitable for most types of asphalt mixtures and a wide range of paving applications, especially for airport pavements and heavily trafficked roads.

In situations where excessive movement due to traffic loading, environmental conditions or underlying faults can be expected, the high cohesive strength of SAMIfalt I-Brid offers enhanced resistance to crack initiation and propagation in all types of asphalt mixes.

SAMIfalt I-Brid contains selected polymers for providing fuel resistance and therefore has a greater resistance to hydrocarbons compared with conventional binders.

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