Polymer modified bitumen used in spray sealing applications

SAMIseal SM is a polymer modified spray seal binder. This binder is a multi-component composite, manufactured using C170 bitumen and other bitumen modifiers. It is specifically designed for application in areas which experience severe frosts, ice or snow in winter months, or when the binder is required to be applied during wintery conditions.


SAMIseal SM is a polymer modified binder designed for use where climatic conditions include frost, ice or snow. It is also highly recommended for use in the “off-season” when it is considered too late or too early in the season, when climatic conditions are marginal due to cool weather, to apply other hot sprayed polymer modified binders. The product has excellent low temperature cohesion and the addition of up to 6% kerosene cutback can be used when spraying. SAMIseal SM is a binder that has unusually tough and elastic consistency with the ability to adhere immediately to the aggregate. The binder is ideally suited for situations where loose aggregate is not acceptable.

Features and benefits

  • Immediate aggregate adhesion
  • Late or early season application
  • Low temperature cohesion
  • Resistance to fretting
  • Resistance to bleeding

More information

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Material Safety Data Sheet

A Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request. Click the link below and email a request to us.

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