SAMIBioPrime is an environmentally friendly prime coat emulsion. SAMIBioPrime is a penetrating primer emulsion specifically formulated for use on compacted stabilised or bound base course surfaces (lime or cement), or on unbound compacted surfaces. It contains no petroleum solvents that have flammable vapours, are hazardous to workers and release harmful VOC’s into the environment. It is made from sustainable, natural resources that do not pollute waterways. It is water-based, safe for workers and easy to use.


  • Solventless, no flammable or harmful volatiles
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Superior penetration into all types of compacted base materials
  • Toughens the base surface to prevent damage from construction equipment
  • Protects the base from moisture ingression
  • Coats and bonds loose material on the surface of the base
  • Provides excellent adhesion between the base and the overlaying course
  • It can be sealed or asphalted over within 12 hours

SAMIBioPrime is sprayed at a rate of between 0.5 and 0.8 litres per m2, although this depends on the porosity of the surface and surface texture. SAMIBioPrime can be applied at ambient temperature however for best results a spray temperature of 40 – 60 °C is suggested.

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Material Safety Data Sheet

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