SAMIfilla HM

Hot Applied Rubberised Joint & Crack Sealant

SAMIfilla HM is a specially formulated hot applied rubberised joint and crack sealant for flexible bituminous and concrete pavements

SAMIfilla HM uses elastomeric polymers to provide the excellent properties and performance required for joint and crack sealing. The recommended ambient service temperature range is 0°C – 45°C.

SAMIfilla HM exceeds the specification requirements for hot applied sealants as specified by State Road Authorities, AS and ASTM test procedures.


  • Low stiffness, highly elastic and good memory
  • High softening point
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and u.v. degradation
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
  • Water tight
  • Immediately traffickable after surface binding

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Material Safety Data Sheet

A Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request. Click the link below and email a request to us.

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Technical Bulletin

Product: SAMIfilla HM

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