Flexible Bridge Joint System Used to Seal Bridge Expansion Joints

SAMIfilla Bridge Joint System is a flexible bridge joint system used to seal bridge expansion joints in both bituminous and Portland cement concrete pavements. The system consists of a combination of a specially formulated rubberised sealant, and selected aggregate. A high aggregate content is essential as it is the mechanical strength derived from the confined interlocking stones that provide the load bearing characteristics of the joint system.


SAMIfilla Bridge Joint System has high elasticity, is tough, and can be overlaid with asphalt or spray seal. The system provides a flexible and watertight seal for movement and construction joints on bridges and elevated structures.


The SAMIfilla Bridge Joint System is a combination of SAMIfilla HM and graded spray sealing aggregate. The aggregate should preferably be pre-coated and typically be 14mm of good quality, clean and dry, (if the depth of the joint is less than 40mm then a smaller sized aggregate may be more appropriate). A blend of aggregate sizes is recommended for joints 70mm . 200mm in depth. This blend will reduce the possibility of depressions forming in the wheel tracks of the deeper joints. The recommended aggregate blend is 40%- 14mm, 30%-10mm and 30%-7mm aggregate.

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