SAMIflex E HR Range

High Solids Content Polymer Modified Cationic Bitumen Emulsion for Spray Sealing Applications
SAMIflex E HR range comprise of Polymer Modified Cationic Bitumen Emulsion for spray sealing applications as an alternative to hot modified or conventional binders. The amount of the polymer modification can be up to 7%, and the solids content is normally in the range of 75% to 78%. Specific site requirements will determine the degree of polymer modification required.

Features and benefits

Offers all the advantages of plant blended hot SBS Modified Binders with additional benefits:

  • No heat degradation during transport or storage of the binder
  • Improved aggregate embedment and adhesion
  • Can be applied all year round, even in cool, damp conditions
  • Lower spray temperatures
  • Doesn’t require adhesion agents or cutters
  • Elimination of fuming

Product Range and corresponding residual binder specification

The different products available in the SAMIflex E HR range and the Austroads specifications of the corresponding residual polymer modified binder are as follows;

Product Austroads Grade of the residual binder
SAMIflex CRS HR (unmodified)

SAMIflex E30 HR


SAMIflex E40 HR


SAMIflex E50 HR


SAMIflex E60 HR


SAMIflex S35E HR


Product Brochure

For further details on SAMIflex E HR Range see Product Brochure

More information

For more information about SAMIflex E HR Range contact SAMI Bitumen Technologies.

Material Safety Data Sheet

A Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request. Click the link below and email a request to us.

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Product Data Sheet

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