SAMIfalt EME Binder

An innovative binder designed for use in high modulus asphalt (EME – Enrobés á Module Elevé) for increased stiffness, fatigue and rut resistance properties over conventional bituminous mixes.

Developed in France by Colas in the 1990’s, EME has been extensively used on motorways, airports and urban roads in Europe and elsewhere.

Features and Benefits

SAMIfalt EME Binder is manufactured and engineered with the aid of a blowing column under controlled conditions in order to obtain unique rheological properties.

Even though it is a hard grade of bitumen, it differentiates itself from a hard roofing grade through a controlled softening point range and viscosity.

SAMIfalt EME Binder imparts very high stiffness to the asphalt mix which in turn will allow a reduced layer thickness compared to conventional base courses for the same level of traffic, fact reflected in a more economic pavement.

SAMIfalt EME binder has been proven to be homogenous and stable under hot storage conditions.

If handled at the recommended temperatures, it does not fume during the manufacturing, laying and compaction of the asphalt mix.

Despite its inherent stiffness, SAMIfalt EME binder has very good workability and compactability.
Also, the increased binder content of EME mixes compared to conventional base course mixes aids workability and compactability.

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