SAMI Precoat Premium

The Cost Effective Customised Precoat for All Aggregate Types

The life of many seals is significantly reduced through the loss of aggregate in the first 12 months. The use of a precoat, whose performance has been tested with the particular sealing aggregate will help to eliminate this problem where the stripping is not caused by lack of binder volume.

SAMI Precoat Premium provides optimum performance with all aggregates by varying the combination of surface active agents used to meet the special requirements of a particular aggregate.

How SAMI Precoat Premium Reduces Aggregate Stripping

SAMI Precoat Premium is designed to effectively correct these primary causes for stripping:

  • Most aggregates used in road construction are to some degree hydrophilic. The residue in SAMI Precoat Premium which is resistant to spontaneous emulsification, provides a surface layer on the aggregate, protecting the adhering bitumen from attack by water
  • The solvent carrier in SAMI Precoat Premium is designed to penetrate and wet the surface dust layer, binding this to the aggregate and allowing the bitumen to fully wet the aggregate surface
  • With exception of calcareous aggregates, the remaining rock types used in surface sealing, whether igneous or sedimentary, contain some silica. Silica in the presence of water, provides the aggregate with a negative surface charge

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