Asphalt pavements are the preferred type of road surface in urban areas for road categories ranging from local residential to major arterials and motorways.

They may have different structural and functional performance characteristics with the most common types of asphalt mixes being dense graded, open graded and stone mastic asphalt.

In high volume traffic situations the performance of asphalt is significantly improved by using Polymer Modified Binders.

SAMIfalt asphalt grades are polymer modified binders that are specially formulated to improve the rut and fatigue resistance of asphalt pavements.

The following recommendations are provided based on Austroads Technical Report AP-T235-13, for further details please refer to AP-T235-13 or the relevant State Road Authority guidelines;

Wearing Course

An asphalt wearing course is the surface layer in the pavement structure having mostly functional properties related to rideability and safety.

Depending on the volume of traffic and climactic conditions, recommended binders are SAMIfalt Multigrade Plus, polymer modified binders SAMIfalt A20E, SAMIfalt A15E, SAMIfalt A10E and SAMIfalt B380.

Where surface texture is a critical criterion SAMI Fricseal is recommended.

Base Course

The asphalt base course is the main structural element in a flexible asphalt pavement capable of carrying the loads imposed by traffic.

In order to fulfil this requirement, the base course should be of higher stiffness than the wearing course.

Suitable binders to be used in base courses are generally unmodified bitumen and the recommended binders are SAMIfalt Multigrade Plus, SAMI Class 450 or SAMI Class 600

High Modulus Asphalt Base Courses

High Modulus Asphalt Base Courses combines superior deformation resistance through high stiffness and good fatigue performance. SAMIfalt EME or SAMIfalt I-Brid is recommended for all High Modulus Asphalt.

Airport Applications

Airport pavements are associated with high loading and high shearing stresses due to aircraft movement.

The base course of an airport pavement has to be stiff enough in order to withstand the very high loading stresses and a High Modulus Asphalt containing SAMIfalt EME or SAMIfalt I-Brid is recommended.

Being subjected to high shearing stresses due to aircraft movements, the wearing course of an airport pavement must be capable of resisting plastic deformation and the recommended binders are SAMIfalt B380 or SAMIfalt Multigrade Plus.

Container Terminal Applications

Due to very high loads generated by stacked containers and also by the movement of high capacity heavy forklifts, there is a necessity for the asphalt pavement to display deformation resistance.

This is achieved through high stiffness asphalt mixes containing either SAMIfalt A35P or SAMIfalt EME as bituminous binders in the wearing course.

When warranted, a combination of SAMIfalt A35P in the wearing course and SAMIfalt EME in the base course is recommended.


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