Gilsabind® S

Treatment for Flushed or Bleeding Pavement Surfaces

GILSABIND is a specially formulated product recommended for the treatment of flushed or bleeding pavement surfaces. It is manufactured from Gilsonite, a hard natural rock asphalt, which after application combines with the existing bitumen to form a new binder compound which has a much higher softening point than previous. Gilsabind may also be used to treat a stripped spray seal surface.

Initially when GILSABIND is applied to a flushed or bleeding surface, it temporarily softens the surface binder to allow it to wet and bond to freshly applied aggregate. The softening of the surface binder provides the opportunity to spread and roll additional aggregate into the surface. The result is that the pavement has much improved surface texture and a binder that is much harder and more durable.

A treatment of GILSABIND may be used as a wearing surface for at least five years prior to resealing, depending on location and traffic conditions. However resealing may be carried out on the surface anytime after a few months of the GILSABIND treatment.

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